Wake The World!

These past two weeks have been grief stricken as the world learned of the attacks in France and of the lives lost. The international community has come in solidarity to mourn the seventeen who lost their lives. We have seen coverage in the media, heard statements by political leaders, and continue to receive updates about what actions are being taken to ensure justice for these individuals.

In the midst of this tragedy, a kind of peace is present. Peace because the world is aware. Peace because people and government are working together. Peace because the world is standing in solidarity as the people of France mourn.

I wish I could say that the presence of peace in the midst of tragedy was a universal experience. But it’s not. Only more violence, unrest, and death is being experienced by the people of Baga, Nigeria as the Boko Haram insurgents continue to massacre thousands of Nigerians in the state of Borno. Over 2,000 people have been massacred by the Boko Haram– most of them women and children. This most recent massacre isn’t the group’s first attack. Yet, why are we only hearing about it now? Why is there little to no coverage about these atrocities to let the world know? In addition, this isn’t the first time that the country has been plagued with violence, terror, and injustice. In April of last year, 273 young girls were taken from their schools and families. Last week, over twenty people were killed in a bombing in which a 10 year old girl was wearing the strapped bomb.

Nigeria as well as a numerous amount of other countries experience this level of terror, violence, and mass murder every day…And yet, in the midst of these horrific tragedies, there is no peace for the people. No peace because the world is not aware. No peace because there is no substantial government support. No peace because the world is not standing in solidarity as the people of Nigeria and countries alike continue to mourn and experience injustice.

It falls on us now. It falls on us to wake the rest of the world up, to wake political leaders up, to let the people of Nigeria and people in other conflict-plagued nations know that we are standing in solidarity with them.

I ask that you blog, tweet, comment, post, and talk about the importance of global awareness–educating ourselves on issues affecting countries and people all around the world–not just in “our own”. I ask that you remind yourself and others of the oneness that unites all–our humanity. I ask that you stand in solidarity with all those who continue to be affected by violence and injustice, and that you continue to pray for the day that peace is possible for all.

~Jacqueline Salas, SJW Justice Office Program Assistant

One thought on “Wake The World!

  1. I am so grateful for this post from Jackie- reminding me and all of us of our deepest, dearest One, the One in which and in Whom we all participate with all creationkind. I am trying to let myself grow in this cosmic sense and communion, and to let go of the many ways in which I am overeager to fix, to plan, to conclude, to critique, to do. Thank you for this call in the day to be present to the One we are.

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