United Nations: 2013 year in review

January 1, 2014

For the past week all forms of media have been doing retrospectives on the major events that occurred in 2013.  And today has been a day still more in addition to people gathering to welcome the New Year, watch sports and parades on television, perhaps look at resolutions made a year ago to see how we lived them out and think about resolutions/goals for 2014.

It truly is hard to remember the all that happened in 2013 especially on the global level through the work of the United Nations, so today I put in the Google search engine:  2013 Year in review United Nations.

This timeline reminds me of just how much I have already forgotten and provided a clear lens into their 2013 work that I missed completely.   I hope you too can take some time to check out the timeline and be inspired.  It is so easy to focus on what is yet to be accomplished and miss all the work of justice that has been achieved.

Peace with justice for all in 2014.

Posted by Ginger K. Hedstrom, Justice Associate

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