Immigration Reform Moves Forward

Franken McCollum

On Tuesday, May 28th, Justice for Immigrants Minnesota met with staff members from Senator Klobuchar’s, Senator Franken’s, and Representative McCollum’s offices to advocate for just immigration reform. JFI also has meetings scheduled with other offices for later this week. These meetings are a follow-up from the Just Immigration event on April 20, 2013.

It was clear in the meetings that we are at an interesting stage with immigration reform. The immigration bill has passed out of committee in the Senate, and will be brought to the Senate floor soon. Right now, all eyes are on the House to see what kind of bill they develop. In all of the meetings, the tone of the conversation was respectful and there was time for thanking the legislators’ offices for the work they have done so far. There was always an “ask” at the end, though, that the senator or representative take a stronger role. The senators can reach out to representatives in the Minnesota Congressional Delegation, and the representatives can build coalitions in the House to try to create a good bill. Throughout this process it is imperative that advocates of fair immigration reform thank our legislators for doing good work, but also continue to push them to do more. As I said, we are at a key time for this work–we cannot, and should not let up now. Justice for Immigrants has a lot of great information. Read up and contact your legislators and tell them now is the time for real immigration reform. Let’s keep this moving!