Go Beyond Your Plate

October 24th was Food Day–a day to bring together Americans from all walks of life to push for healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, human way. Movies, food expos, and forums occurred in the Twin Cities on Monday in conjunction with Food Day.

Though this day has passed, the goals of sustainability, affordability and health continue. We have a few opportunities for you to be involved in food justice into November, but encourage you to create an awareness in your own life surrounding food in the year to come.

St. Catherine University students have put together a Food Week for October 31st – November 4th, which is being co-sponsored by the Justice Commission. Close to 20 events will occur in 5 days to raise awareness, educate and create action surrounding issues of food justice. Our very own Earth Partners are involved with 3 events centering on community gardening and food toxicity. Click here for the full schedule.

Another option is being provided through NETWORK. They have posted a Food Stamp Challenge from Fighting Poverty with Faith–attempt to live on a food stamp budget for a week ($31.75 per person/week). Being a St. Joseph Worker this is not out of the realm of normalcy, but from experience can attest to the change in thinking that occurs with such a budget shift. Senators and Representatives have signed onto participate, and you can too. Check out this link to register and find more information.

Food is in a web of many different social justice issues and the saying goes, “You Are What You Eat”
-Elizabeth Fairbairn, St. Joseph Worker and Justice Office Intern

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