Seven Generations

Seven Generations
1650 – 1836: Seven Generations from the founding of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Lepuy France to the arrival of the first six sisters in Carondelet, Missouri.

12 years after the Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in the United States, The Seneca Falls Convention was organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, two abolitionists who met in 1840 at the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London, where both were barred from the convention floor because they were women. Their outrage was the impetus for the Seneca Falls Convention was attended by 200 women.

November 2, 1851: The first four Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in St. Paul, Minnesota to teach children, found the first hospital in Minnesota (1853), St. Catherine College, now St. Catherine University (1905).

July 2011: We know our decisions will lead, influence and impact the next Seven Generations.

Sisters of St. Joseph Federation 2011 Event

Posted by: Ginger Hedstrom, Justice Associate

The Federation Event is truly global and intergenerational. More than 850 Sisters of St. Joseph and associates are here from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

At my table is a young woman who will be a senior in high school and is a guest of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia. She is one in a group of about 12 young women attending. Our learnings are many. Imagine, in 2011 she attends high school with a total of 40 others and is growing up on a five generation family farm. And, she is very happy to be here. We sang happy birthday yesterday to an 83 year old Sister of St. Joseph from Philadelphia. She may not be the eldest among us!

DVDs of the major presentations by, Meg Wheatly, Catherine Nerney, SSJ, PhD and Joan Lescinski, CSJ, PhD will be available to all congregations.

An associate from England went to the microphone yesterday and said, “I had no idea I was part of such a big family.”

From the stage yesterday, participants from outside the United States (including those working outside the United States) introduced themselves, their congregation, and nation. Kathy McClusky, outgoing executive director of the CSSJ Federation, on behalf of the entire Federation addressed our Japanese sisters assuring them of our ongoing prayers and support.

Over lunch yesterday, the Justice and Peace Coordinators met with Patty Johnson, CSJ, incoming executive director of the Federation, Joe, her associate and Griselda Martinez-Morales, SSJ, CSSJ NGO Representative to the United Nations to further our work for global justice and peace.

The session this morning is focused exclusively on human trafficking!

We are immersed in “Zeal for healing the neighborhood of God’s sacred universe.” We are working hard (it is too hot to play outside), the energy is palpable and I am privileged to be among the great “swarm of bees” that is the Sisters of St. Joseph gathered here from around the world, including many from St. Paul.

The New Republic of South Sudan

175 years ago the Sisters of St. Joseph migrated from France to North America and began their ministry on this contintent in Carondelet, Missouri. The celebration, in St. Louis, Missouri, included opportunities to look back seven generations and forward to the next seven. There is much to celebrate and much to inspire, dream and anticipate into life.

As we celebrated yesterday through our own stories of migration, our work for humane and just immigration reform, and closed with the inspiring sending forth to the seventh generation ritual and banquet, the people of the Republic of the South Sudan were living the first day of their independence.

The children pictured here stand quietly holding the flag of their new republic. They are yet too young to understand what is happening, how their future was made more hopeful yesterday.

As the Sudan and global community celebrate the independence of the Republic of South Soudan, the United Nations vows it’s support in ongoing global quest for peace and prosperity.

We celebrate and pray for the people of the Sudan today and to the seventh generation!

Immigration Witness Event

As the Sisters of St. Joseph Celebrate 175 Years in the United States

Immigration Witness Event, featuring Miriam and Iacha, blood sisters from Ghana
presenting “Personal Stories, Global Perspective.”

Friday, July 8, 10:30 a.m.
Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul

To register: 651.690.7043
We came as migrants
We live and work with migrants
We work for humane and just immigration reform.

Presented by the Immigration Working Group of the Justice Commission